My Beginning

Everyone has to start somewhere.  This is my somewhere…

I have loved photography since I was young.  I can remember my first 110 film camera with a flip up viewfinder.  I can remember when my parents let me take our 35mm family camera to 4H camp.  I can remember my dad taking me with him to his photography classes.  I was thrilled by it all, and thus began my love of photography.

I’ve always been a bit slow with catching on to new trends, only buying my first digital point and shoot in 2006, but it was love at first “snap”, especially being able to send photos of life in Botswana back to my parents in the U.S.  My first p&s digital was a Canon A530 and for many years I pushed that little camera to the max of what it could do.  That is until the fateful day… after months and months of research, I joyfully got my first DSLR in August 2011.

I’ve since read, read, and read some more, taking photos of anything and everything, till my family probably thinks that camera is glued to my eye!  I gave myself a goal of about 4 months to get out of auto mode, and have pretty much shot in manual mode since then.  And let me tell you, as much as I thought I loved photography before, I’ve had a whole new world opened since delving into the world of a DSLR.

I’ve always considered photography “just a hobby.”  However, in recent months I’ve realized that it’s growing to more than just a hobby, and thus Crystal Paul Photography has been developed as a place to share my love of photography with others and as an opportunity to make my services available should you be looking for someone to capture and preserve those special moments and special people in your life.

So here’s to my beginning… Can’t wait to see where this journey leads!

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.