Amanda – Gaborone Portraits

Have you ever met someone and knew almost instantly that they were going to change their world for the better?  That’s Amanda.  On any given day she can be found working at Emang Basadi, giving guitar lessons a child, or helping with the youth at her church.  All this, and she only recently turned 21!  Amanda recently graduated from BAC and I was so excited to take some photos of this beautiful lady as she enters into this next phase of her life.

IMG_3022a with sig

IMG_3008a with sig

yellow collage with sig

IMG_3111a with sig

IMG_3102a with sig

IMG_3129a with sig

IMG_3145a with sigLove this!

IMG_3199a with sig

IMG_3241a with sig

IMG_3271a with sig

IMG_3321a with sigFierce eyes!

IMG_3331a wtih sigA favorite!

IMG_3324a with sig

IMG_3344a with sigStunning!

IMG_3360a wtih sig

IMG_3387a with sig

IMG_3388a with sigTotally in her element!

IMG_3396a with sig

IMG_3403a with sigThank you again, Amanda, for letting me attempt to capture just a small portion of the beauty that shines out of you!

IMG_3442a with sig