I’ve always loved capturing and preserving moments in time through photography.  It’s long been a hobby and Crystal Paul Photography springs from a desire to share that love of beautiful images, for clients or my own personal photographic exploration, with others. I’m a natural light photographer, who specializes in portraits for

  • Individuals – A lot of us don’t enjoy having our photos taken, but we love a good picture of ourselves.  Let me help you make your time in front of the camera enjoyable so that you can end up with some photos of yourself to share with family members, to use in as a headshot for a portfolio project, or simple to remind yourself that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Also remember that individual portraits don’t have to be of you.  Schedule a photo session for your recent graduate, your sister’s maternity shoot, newborn photos for latest addition to your family, or to commemorate someone’s memorable birthday.
  • CouplesSweetheart, honeyboo, sugarbear, – whatever you call the one that brings a smile to your face and a sparkle to your eye, I would love to capture some photos of the two of you together.  Maybe you’re nowhere near talking about weddings, maybe your engaged with a wedding a few months away, maybe you haven’t had a good photo with the one you love in the many years since your wedding, I would love to do a couples shoot with the two of you.  While I don’t do weddings, I am more than happy to do an engagement shoot for you before hand.  Weddings are often a very hectic time, so it’s great to get some frame-able relaxed shots together before that day.
  • Family – When is the last time you had a good family portrait taken?   Kids are always growing and families changing, which is why I believe it’s import to have beautiful photographic reminders of your family throughout its many stages of life.  Celebrate a new baby with family portraits, recognize the transition time for a recent graduate, preserve memories of aging parents and grandparents as you make them a part of family portraits.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for above, please feel free to send me an email at crystalpaulphotography@gmail.com and I would love to answer any of your questions and see if we can’t work something out to help you preserve those timeless memories that make up the story of your life!